Natural/Sugar-Free Halloween Candy to Prevent PANS Flares

Halloween is fast approaching and I wanted to remind all the families out there with PANDAS/PANS kids that sugar and additives like dyes and artificial flavours can cause immune system flares.

The bottom line: Sugar/dyes/additives trigger inflammation in your child’s brain, and can also feed yeast overgrowth and bacteria like Strep. YOU can prevent this flare, by being careful and responsible with your child’s sugar intake.

Every year, I receive an influx of calls and emails from parents whose children are in a major PANS flare post Halloween. Unfortunately I do not have any time in my schedule to accommodate urgent appointments/emails/calls of this nature, so I plead with you to please keep your child’s sugar intake to a minimum this Halloween.

This type of flare is preventable, and here are some tools and reminders:

  1. Choose natural and sugar-free treats. No dyes! Natural sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol contain no sugar and have anti-microbial properties.
  2. Treat your child with a special toy or activity, rather than load them up on sugary junk!
  3. If a sugar or dye mis-hap occurs, dose your child immediately with activated charcoal.
  4. If you see a spike in inflammatory symptoms, use ibuprofen around the clock for 3-5 days. This is called and “Advil Rescue”.
  5. If you feed your child a bunch of sugar and this causes yeast/Candida overgrowth, we will need to put your child on an additional medication or treatment to kill yeast. Yeast causes hyperactive behaviour, manic energy, gas and digestive upset. Again, this type of treatment will have to wait for your scheduled follow up, so again, please do your best to prevent this from occurring!
Dr Ayla Wilson
About the Author
Dr Ayla Wilson
Dr Ayla Wilson is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and the founder of High Five Family Health – which she opened in the fall of 2017 in Gastown (Vancouver, BC) after seven years in private practice in Edgemont Village (North Vancouver, BC).

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