Immune Balance and Support for PANDAS/PANS

Because PANDAS/PANS is an inflammatory and auto-immune condition, immune balance is so important. While some immune supportive supplements kick the immune system into high gear, this can cause negative impacts to children with an already hyper-inflamed immune system.

Rather than promoting immune “boosting”, I take more of an immune balancing approach, using supplements that support the facets of the child’s immune system that are lacking. If we give the wrong type of immune support, this can lead to more auto-antibody production resulting in increased brain inflammation.

One great supplement for this is Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor supports the TH1 functions of the immune system, such as natural killer cell activity. This helps the immune system kill off invading bacteria and other micro organisms, without stimulating TH2 immune functions like auto-antibody production.

Transfer Factor is derived from bovine colostrum which does contain a little bit of dairy and is not recommended for those with a dairy allergy or more severe dairy sensitivity. Colostrum provides healthy immunoglobulins and growth factors to support a struggling immune system.

Dr Ayla Wilson
About the Author
Dr Ayla Wilson
Dr Ayla Wilson is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and the founder of High Five Family Health – which she opened in the fall of 2017 in Gastown (Vancouver, BC) after seven years in private practice in Edgemont Village (North Vancouver, BC).

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