Trigger Point Injections

Relax your trigger points to reduce pain and neurological symptoms like numbness and tingling with one treatment.

An excellent addition to acupuncture, massage therapy or chiropractic adjustments, our trigger point injection therapies give you fast and lasting relief from the painful “knots” often associated with muscular tension and overstimulation.

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A careful history along with physical assessment and palpation are necessary to determine the sites of your myofascial trigger points. Muscle tension, referred pain, headaches, neurologic symptoms, and restricted mobility are often due to trigger points — areas of fascial irritation and muscle tension caused by over stimulation from the surrounding nerves.

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Our trigger point therapy involves injecting local anesthetic, Vitamin B12, saline, and/or a corticosteroid into the area experiencing muscular tension and over stimulation via the nervous system to relax the trigger point and break the cycle of neuronal stimulation, tension and pain.

This treatment (when combined with acupuncture, massage therapy or chiropractic adjustments) not only reduces pain, but also prevents your trigger points from coming back after your structural and postural imbalances have been corrected.

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